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Home Or Business Parties!


Leah will bring wellness products to your home or office for a personalized healing party and/or private shopping experience. Includes meditation, chakra readings and more.

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Leah will travel to your home or office for a” healing” party and/or private shopping experience. Perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties or just a special evening with friends.

Events can include: Intuitive chakra readings, mini-workshops, energy healing, or a meditation session. Items for sale include Leah’s line of Modern Sage products, Aura and Body sprays, crystals, balms, chakra oils, sage, books, meditation cds, and handmade crystal jewelry.

Host or organizer gets their choice of gift (money or product*).
It’s a fun event for all. Get your zen on!

*Gift details for host or organizer: 5% of product sales or a $50 Gift Basket
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It’s like the healthy and spiritual version of Tupperware parties!