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Meditation Classes

IMG_7248All are welcome to Meditation Classes.

Leah teaches meditation classes at various locations around the NY/NJ area. Please check our Events page to see upcoming classes.

Meditation is a healing practice that has proven helpful to reduce stress, calm the mind, anxieties or fears and often improves sleep. While those are some of the physical improvements of meditation, the deeper offering may result in rediscovering your true self, experiencing spiritual awakenings, peace and compassion for yourself and others. No doubt, those that come to class often report feelings much better when they leave then when they arrived.

Leah offers a range of meditation in zen sitting style from use of mantras to guided visualizations, Chakra healing meditations, focus on crystals, Tibetan Singing Bowl, deep relaxation and complimentary techniques in breath-work or gentle movement.

Meditation Classes

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