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21 Days from Fear to Freedom

Anxiety and fear can consume your mind and drain your energy. Whether it’s fear of abandonment, fear of failure, of going broke, of being loved, of not being loved or fear of the unknown, fear shows up in many ways. You may fear being alone or that you aren’t good enough. Fear keeps you stuck. Did you know that fear and anxiety are symptoms of unresolved emotional distress and that you can heal and become whole again? It’s true.

In this life-changing course, Leah Guy reveals how to transform fear into freedom and move into the life you want.

Many of today’s teachers and gurus prescribe the theory of detachment for happiness. This course will show you why “letting go” is some of the worst advice for true healing. We will focus on building your strength and wholeness, not detachment and separation.

What’s included in this course:

  • Daily tools to unblock the fear pattern that is keeping you stuck
  • Seven guided meditations to help free stuck emotions and pain
  • Tips for clearing and rebalancing chakras includes crystals, essential oils, herbs and foods
  • Inspirational videos featuring how-to’s and demos, as well as q & a with Leah
  • Symptoms check-lists that give clarity to blocked emotions and chakras imbalances

With this course you will:

  • Learn why letting go is the worst advice for moving on
  • Discover your true fears and the blocked emotions that are holding you back
  • Learn what the 7 main chakras say about your health and how to rebalance your energy
  • Develop a practical meditation practice designed to strengthen your weaknesses
  • Learn how fear can be your greatest teacher

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who feels emotionally stuck, trapped, blocked or unable to move forward
  • Anyone who has anxiety, fear, panic or phobias
  • Anyone who wants to have lasting happiness and peace
  • People who are interested in living a life of action, courage and peace
  • People who want support while working on their core issues such as shame, guilt and grief

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