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Don’t Give Up

The sole purpose of this article is to encourage you not to give up. Not on your New Year’s resolutions, not on your dreams, your goals or your health. Remember that it is your soul living through your body, mind and heart that has an obligation here – not just to yourself, but to the ‘whole’ of our planet. We’re here to work through adversities and celebrate life together and for each other. However small or large you think your goals are they are even greater for the good of humanity. So, if you are struggling with a challenge (finances, weight issues, sickness, addiction or mere unhappiness) I encourage you to attend to it. Don’t let superficial matters like dates get in the way. Today is just as good of a day to start living your best.

I recently wrote a post on facebook that was quite popular. The comments on it reminded me that it doesn’t matter where we get inspiration but that we should seek it, utilize it and share it. Here’s the post:

4 Things My Disabled Dog, Corkie the Yorkie, has taught me:

1. If some part of your life/body/career is lame, don’t give up. Strengthen what DOES work in order to accomplish your mission.
2. If you can’t reach/jump/run for what you want, don’t hesitate to bark for help. Enough barking and someone WILL pay attention & assist.
3. We can’t control the condition with which we were born, but we CAN control our reactions to them.
4. Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away, but neither will dwelling on it. Adjust your perspective and happiness follows.

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