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The Fearless Path

There’s nothing I love more than helping people and inspiring them, and being inspired. It’s good joo-joo all the way around. I’ve been getting notices lately that my new book, The Fearless Path, has been delivered to those that ordered pre-sale...

Speak Your Truth

Your voice is an important barometer of your health. Like a finely tuned instrument, it reveals emotions such as fear, joy, strength and shame. What is said and how it is said is testimony to inner harmony. With minor nuance in tone, pace, or inflection, the voice...
Healing the Wounds that Scare You

Healing the Wounds that Scare You

Emotional wounds are responsible for most of our suffering. Loss, heartbreak, disappointment and shame are some of the biggest, yet all emotional pain can cause trauma and fear.

It’s natural to be afraid of things that hurt us, but we need to avoid getting stuck in the fear of the mind. Your mind wants you to believe that in order to be “ok” you need to avoid negative or painful emotions.

Love Without Limits

We’re not really afraid of love, we’re afraid of suffering. We’re scared we’ll get hurt. We’ve been hurt. We’re afraid we aren’t strong enough to deal with more pain, and we may crumble. We’re afraid of these things because we’ve been operating in a disconnected, detached manner from our real emotions and history of our life. We’ve been taught to push things under the rug, to avoid difficult conversations, to not speak up or express our suffering.